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Digital demokrati, egenmakt och språkrevitalisering

På onsdag 9 november kommer jag att hålla en öppen föreläsning på temat Digital demokrati, egenmakt och språkrevitalisering. Jag kommer att presentera en del av min forskning där jag har studerat användningen av digital teknik och digitala medier för att stärka de samiska språken.

Föreläsningen är en del av docentdagen och alla är välkomna att delta!

Tid: 14.20 – 14.45
Plats: Rum för lärande, Humanisthuset, Umeå Universitet.


Sámi Uses of Participatory Media – Language, Identity and Communication

I have initiated a new research project about Sámi use of participatory media, that investigates and analyzes how digital media is used within the Sámi community for strengthening identities and for communicating cultural knowledge.

This project will examine to what extent digital media uses build on established modes of expression and communication within the community, i.e., to what extent Sámi groups are working with traditional modes of communication within the frame of media, and to what extent media imposes new modes upon the cultural communication.

This project is planned to run for a year, starting from now, and is partly financed by Vaartoe/CeSam, Center for Sámi research at Umeå University. Information and updates about the project will be posted on this blog.


Inheritance of the digital – Panel at SIEF 2015

This year too, I will participate to the SIEF Congress, the biennal conference of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore. This time, it takes place in Zagreb, Croatia, June 21-25.

Together with my colleague Robert Glenn Howard, from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, we organize the panel Inheritance of the digital: ethnographic approaches to everyday realities in, of, and through digital technologies

I will also present a paper, Traditional knowledge: new experts:  

The dualism of the Internet, inherited from on one hand an ideology of individual freedom, and on the other hand from efforts for the consolidation of institutional power, is reiterated in contemporary digital practices and discourses. The Internet is seen as a source of hopes and expectations for an increased democratization and empowerment that could benefit not least minority and marginalized groups. But it is also an arena where power structures, institutional and non-institutional, meet and develop. In this context, indigenous initiatives multiply, for instance for the revitalization of endangered languages, in activism and for knowledge production. Consequently, the recent increased use of digital practices implies that new experts and authorities emerge, challenging and bypassing institutional structures. As an effect of the re-shaping of the settings for knowledge production in (and by) digital practices, academic research is also to be re-defined and problematized. Scholarly expertise, academic authority and the role of the traditional producer of knowledge are challenged by the emergence of new experts and new forms of authority online. Based on knowledge and experience acquired from indigenous methodologies, this paper discusses the role, position and responsibility of the researcher in a context where the digital is becoming a natural part of everyday life.

Ubmejen biejvieh 2014: Föreläsningar!

Tillsammans med mina kollegor kommer jag att presentera min forskning i projektet Production and transmission of indigenous knowledge: Oral and mediated strategies to express Sámi identities under Samiska veckan i Umeå.
Kom och lyssna på oss den 7 mars på Västerbottens museum, bio Abelli!
13.00 Äldre samer – resurs i kampen för kulturell överlevnad – Marianne Liliequist, Etnolog.
13.20 Skogen, myren, människan och renen, ett samiskt förhållande styrt av renen – Krister Stoor, Samiska studier
13.40 “Mitt språk är mitt land”. Språkval i sociala medier – Coppélie Cocq, HUMlab
14.00 Samisk populärmusik – identitet, politik och estetik – Marika Nordström, Etnolog.
Mer om programmet och övriga föreläsningar här.

Web site about indigenous uses of digital technologies

Here is a suggestion about a useful website if you are interested in indigenous research and digital technology! The Ethnos Project is a research portal and resource database that explores indigenous uses of information and communication technologies.

Based on the principles of Participation, Ownership, Ideology, Sustainability and Attention, the site  compiles resources and articles about the uses and effects of ICT in indigenous contexts.

And I have published a blog post on the site 😉