About me


My name is Coppélie Cocq. I grew up in France (Flanders) and moved to Umeå, Sweden in 1997. I have a PhD in Sámi Studies from Umeå University, and my research interests are Storytelling, Folklore and Minority Studies. I am currently a research fellow in digital humanities at Humlab, Umeå university.

My research project focuses on digital environments for language and culture revitalization, with the contemporary Sámi situation as an example. I am interested in expressive culture on the internet and its role for the articulation of Sámi identity. Based on online fieldwork and qualitative data, I investigate how digital environments may provide a scene for creation and adaptation of Sámi cultural expressions and how new modes of communication manage to convey aspects of Sámi traditions and culture. Further, I am looking at how these may contribute to ongoing processes of cultural and linguistic revitalization in Sápmi.

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I’ve created this blog to present, share and discuss my research project “Challenging Traditions. Digital places for Sami cultural expression”.


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