Monthly Archives: October 2017

Mapping Multilingualism

This week, I was invited as a guest scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and gave a talk about my project about the linguistic landscape of Northern Sweden.

talk UW



My stay at UW-Madison is also the opportunity to do some work on my book project about Sámi media and to keep in touch with friends and colleagues in Madison, where I spent time as a PhD student in 2006 and 2007.


Sami Media for Representation, Resistance and Revitalization

My contribution to the Annual Meeting for the American Folklore Society (Minneapolis, October 18-21), is about Language and Self-Representation in Participatory Media. It is part of my ongoing book project about Sámi media.  See abstract below and follow the links if you want to know more about the conference!


Revitalizing Media? Language and Self-Representation in Participatory Media
This presentation examines the use of participatory media for promoting languages and for sharing knowledge about Sámi life and culture. Examining initiatives of Sámi institutions and actors, this paper discusses media use from the perspective of communication and empowerment. Further, this presentation reflects upon the role and impact of participatory media for revitalization. Given the combination of a vivid context for reassessing Indigenous identities and a high degree of digital literacy and internet access, Sápmi represents an ideal vantage point for the broader study of the potential of internet for indigenous communities, and its role in Indigenous contexts.