Language vitality projects


I will participate to ICASS IX, the Ninth International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences with 2 posters. This year, the ICASS conference is hosted by my home university in Umeå. Both posters present ongoing projects concerned with the use and vitality of languages.

The first poster, together with Hanna Outakoski, Umeå University; Peter Steggo, Umeå municipality; Ellacarin Blind, Sámiid Riikkasearvi; Anders Östergren & Sylvia Sparrok, the Language Center of the Sámi Parliament, presents the #DigiGiella project (see previous post here and here).

#DigiGiella is a series of conferences and workshops that bring together teachers, cultural workers etc experimenting and implementing digital technologies for strengthening the Sámi languages.

DigiGiella_Poster Final


The second poster, with my colleagues Eva Lindgren, Lena Granstedt, Johan Åhlfeldt, presents my project about linguistic landscapes and builds on a pilot study presented here. It investigates if and how multilingualism is visible in our urban surroundings.

Poster Mapping 2017




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