Monthly Archives: November 2013

Web site about indigenous uses of digital technologies

Here is a suggestion about a useful website if you are interested in indigenous research and digital technology! The Ethnos Project is a research portal and resource database that explores indigenous uses of information and communication technologies.

Based on the principles of Participation, Ownership, Ideology, Sustainability and Attention, the site  compiles resources and articles about the uses and effects of ICT in indigenous contexts.

And I have published a blog post on the site 😉


Le folklore comme instrument politique et arme idéologique

My book chapter about Folklore as political tool and ideological weapon has now been published in L’Image du Sápmi 2. My chapter gives a critical historical overview of examples where sámi traditional knowledge and folklore were used in the service of philology, lappology and other research traditions, as a political tool and an ideological weapon.

The book, edited by Kajsa Andersson (Örebro University) is a collection of contributions in French and English by scholars from diverse fields such as literature, archeology, linguistics, anthropology etc.

A Swedish version of my chapter – updated and written for a Swedish public – is to be published in Sápmi i ord och bild, by the same editor and forthcoming nest year.