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Från folktro till gruvmotstånd: samiska berättelser om naturen

Från folktro till gruvmotstånd: samiska berättelser om naturen

I kvällens föreläsning handlar det om samiska berättelser om naturen. Berättelserna är hämtade dels från äldre källor och dels från nutid, som t.ex. debatten om gruvexploateringar. Samarrangemang med Johan Nordlander-sällskapet

Forskningsarkivet, Umeå universitetsbibliotek

Onsdag 30/10 19.00-20.00


DSC_0576 Ábeskoeatnu (1)


Hybrid Media Culture


Our new publication is out! Hybrid Media Culture. Sensing Place in a World of Flows (Ed. Simon Lindgren) is the result of a collaborative work in the Media Places project at HUMlab.

My chapter in this book, “The hybrid emergence of Sámi expressive culture”,  focuses on how the Internet has become a site for adaptation of traditional cultural practices as well as the production and emergence of new ones. The chapter investigates the digital as the locus for expressive culture in a context of revitalization with the specific case of the Sámi, indigenous people of Scandinavia. The ongoing revitalization of Sámi culture and languages requires changing community attitudes, a process that can be observed online and offline. But more importantly, revitalization is a process that is initiated and put in practice on many scenes, and the Internet is certainly one of these. This study investigates the intersection, overlap, and tensions between online and offline sites. It exposes three dimensions of hybridity: between traditional aesthetic practices and their representations online, between the vernacular and the institutional, and between local and global aspects.