Cultural circulation, Hybridity, Polymedia and so much more

Last week, I participated to the SIEF Congress in Tartu, the Annual Meeting of the international society of Ethnology and folklore (see previous post).

With over 400 participants and 10-15 parallel sessions along the 3 days of the congress, I can only write here about a fragment of the event. Based on the keynotes and the sessions I attended, I found the congress fantastic by its quality and by the open climate for scholarly discussions.

The keynotes are available online. I particularly enjoyed Kristin Kuutma’s critical talk on cultural heritage and Rob Howard’s lecture about his research on the vernacular web.

Despite some technological difficulties at the start, our panel went well and we had not only inspiring papers, but also interesting discussions about online/offline hybridity.

The theme for this year’s congress, circulation, turned out to be very productive. The circulation of culture and the role of media (mass media, ‘new’ media etc) in this process was a central topic in several sessions. Among the panels I attended, I found one about polymedia particularly interesting. The sessions about food styles were also – as always – inspiring and appetizing… in many ways 😉

Already looking forward to the next congress in Zagreb!


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