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Sámi Storytelling as a Survival Strategy

New Publication:




My article “Sámi Storytelling as a Survival Strategy” is now published in Rethinking Cultural Transfer and Transmission. Reflections and New Perspectives. Edited by Petra Broomans and Sandra van Voorst. (Groningen, 2012).

The study presented in the article examines the role of narratives and narratives practices for endangered languages, in the process of place-making and as a source of knowledge, based on the study of Sámi inreach and outreach initiatives. Storytelling has become one important tool in revitalisation efforts. It is not only a rich tool for language teaching and acquisition, but also for identity management for members of the indigenous community. Furthermore, storytelling constitutes an important and often unexploited source of knowledge. Thus, it represents a place for negotiation and empowerment.