Call for Papers: Expressive Culture and Identities in a Digital Age

Call for papers

SIEF, Tartu, Estonia; 30th June – 4th July

Panel 18: Expressive culture and identities in a digital age


Coppélie Cocq (Umeå University )
Anna Johansson (Umeå University)

Follow this link for submission


In this panel, we propose to explore how folkloristics and ethnology can fruitfully engage with digital humanities in order to approach “new” circuits of communication and circulation in a hybrid world. While early theorists of digital culture were concerned with differences between life online and offline, scholars of today tend to emphasize the ever-present entanglement of digital and physical worlds. Cultural expressions are increasingly created, adapted, distributed and consumed in and in relation to online media. The ubiquitousness of digital media and the Internet in everyday life means that contemporary cultural forms and identities need to be understood as hybrid, produced through complex interplays between online and offline contexts.

The objective of the panel is to investigate this hybridity, or the situatedness of digital media, through empirical case studies. We welcome papers on expressive culture and identity construction in the interstice between the virtual and the physical. We are particularly interested in studies that examine this aspect in the context of various communities and their identity work at individual and collective levels. Questions that can be addressed are for instance: How does cultural production take place through hybrid practices? How do bodies online and offline interact, and how is their relationship structured? What is the role of hybridity in collective identity production? How are cultural norms maintained and/or questioned through hybridity?

Our hope with this panel is to contribute to conceptual and theoretical discussions regarding the relation between digital humanities and folkloristics/ethnology.


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