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The Revitalization of Traditions: The Case of Sami Webspaces

At the end of this month, I’ll participate to the Annual meeting of the American Folklore Society in New Orleans, Louisiana. The topic of this year’s conference is The Continuity and Creativity of Culture. This will be a highly appropriate occasion to present my work about traditions in Sámi web environments, in a panel entitled Asserted Continuity: Negotiating an Indigenous Sami Identity in a Changing World. Here is my abstract:

The Revitalization of Traditions: The Case of Sami Webspaces

In this paper, I examine the occurrence and use of the concept of ”tradition” in Sámi digital environments and the labeling of practices within Sámi revitalization processes. This study of Sámi websites investigates how expressive culture online emphasizes continuity of cultural aspects in traditional settings and in negotiation with the emergence of new practices in novel, digital environments.
The paper critically analyzes the consequences of the traditionalization of cultural practices, such as processes of both inclusion and exclusion, and the institutionalization of a vernacular within a complex, multilingual community.