Production and transmission of indigenous knowledge

The Swedish Research Council FORMAS has given grants for 10 projects in Sami research. It is the first time that a national Swedish research institute advertises a specific call for applications in Sami research  – a highly needed and welcome effort!

My enthusiasm is even greater since I am involved in one of the funded projects, “Production and transmission of indigenous knowledge: Oral and mediated strategies to express Sámi identities”, with my colleagues from Umeå University Marianne Liliequist, Marica Nordström and Krister Stoor.

Here follows a short summary of the project:

This project investigates strategies developed by Sámi communities to ensure the transmission of cultural specific knowledge. Four case studies examine more specifically how Sámi groups have elaborated modes of communication (1) between generations, (2) between herders and landowners, (3) as it takes place on the Internet and (4) through popular music. Focus lies on narrativity as a vehicle for shaping and conveying knowledge and for the articulation of identities.
The project combines a folkloristic approach and narrative analysis of data collected through in-depth interviews and participant observations, focusing on the artistic and communicative aspects of storytelling.
It contributes to the understanding of indigenous initiatives from an emic perspective. By examining successful strategies for the improvement of cultural understanding, this project will present models of significance not only for the Sámi of Scandinavia but also for minority groups in other contexts.

My contribution (3) is concerned with the Internet and production/transmission of knowledge.


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