New Kildin Sami website

Websites from the Russian Sami area are very scarce and I was therefore very happy to hear about a new Kildin Sami site, “Са̄мь кӣл са̄йй” (Saam’ kiil saajj, The place of the Sami language).

It was created a few months ago and is administrated by Pjotr Lukin, from Lovozero, who works at a Sami kindergarten in Tromsø and Elisabeth Scheller from Tromsø University.

Pjotr is revitalizing Kildin Sami, the language of his ancestors, and Elisabeth is learning the language. Both wanted a website/blog in order to support and encourage other to learn and practice the language. A first attempt on Facebook by Pjotr was not successful, since the Russian language took over the forum. Also, he could not upload files in certain formats on the Facebook page.

The new website is in Kildin Sami; it provides information about the Sami languages spoken in the Kola Peninsula and includes teaching resources for the four kola Sami languages as well as links to other sites in Sami. The website’s blog is open for everyone – the only condition is that it has to be written in Sámi.

– “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just write and contribute with your knowledge”, the administrators of the website encourage potential bloggers.

The aim is to increase the visibility of the Kildin Sami language and encourage people to use it for written communication. Kildin Sami as a written language is under development, and it is therefore difficult to define what is correct or not when writing in Kildin today since there is no consensus about the orthography.

Resources on the website include pdf:s, links to dictionaries (e.g. Giellateknos) and Oahpa!. The website has been launched recently and the producers promise more contents.

Have a look at Са̄мь кӣл са̄йй!


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