Monthly Archives: September 2011

Social Media Workshop

This week, HUMlab hosted a workshop about Social Media Cultures in collaboration with the University of Wollongong, Australia.

It was an inspiring series of talks by highly competent and dedicated scholars. We’ve discussed the use of social media in teaching, for research collaboration and for different (minority) groups.

For me, it was the opportunity to discuss aspects of my project related to social media. For instance, I argued that language background implies an additional dimension to participatory media for speakers of endangered languages. One example in concretized in the site (now even following me on Tweeter!). This is one of the aspects that I approach in an ongoing article concerned with the articulation of identities on the web.

I also hope it is the beginning of a successful collaboration with my colleagues from UoW!


Seminarium om det sydsamiska språkets situation

Saemien Sijte arrangerar ett språkseminarium om sydsamiska.

Seminariet äger rum 22-24 september i Snåsa, Norge och på programmet står ett antal forskare från Sverige och Norge. På torsdag 22 kommer jag att presentera mitt pågående projekt under rubriken Samiska berättelser i digitala miljöer – den gången med fokus på sydsamiska exempel, så klart.

På Saemien Sijtes hemsida kan ni läsa mer om andra spännande föredrag om aktuell forskning!